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Applications Open NOW!

The Big Local partnership is a group of at least eight people who guide the overall direction of One Palfrey Big Local. Our Partnership is 100% resident led. The partnership is responsible for agreeing a shared vision, creating the Big Local plan, overseeing its delivery, collecting evidence to show how the plan is progressing, and reviewing the plan and partnership to make sure they are working in the best way possible.

The partnership is a way for people locally to provide recommendations in good faith about how Palfrey can be improved. So the way it comes together and works is really important in making sure that One Palfrey Big Local is a genuinely local, resident and volunteer-led programme. 

The role of the partnership is to:

  • bring together the community’s views, and make the overall decisions about how Big Local will work in your area and how to use your £1m
  • ensure Big Local is resident-led and that people across the Big Local area have a genuine and continuing opportunity to be involved
  • work with the locally trusted organisation (Sure Stat Palfrey Children’s Centre and Palfrey community Association) to ensure the Big Local plan is carried out
  • review the plan, in order to create a follow-on plan for future years
  • connect with local organisations, businesses, public agencies, councillors and others who can deliver activities and help make One Palfrey Big Local a success
  • work with Margaret Jackson (local Rep) and Sure Stat Palfrey Children’s Centre and Palfrey Community Association  (LTO) to achieve the vision you have set for your Big Local area.


Please note that the Local Trust ask members of the Big Local partnership to participate ‘in their own right as a resident’, which means they cannot represent the views of any other person or organisation. All conflicts of interest must be declared when applying.

Closing date: Monday, 7th November 2016 at 4pm by post to Arfan Zaman, One Palfrey Big Local c/o Sure Start Palfrey Children’s Centre, South Street, Walsall WS1 4HE or  email to: 

See application in attachment below and postcode list to see if you are with in the area of benefit:

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