More About Our Website «
More About Our Website «

More About Our Website

How We Made The Website

It was developed and made by asking you what you wanted

More About Our Website

We hope you like our website

Before we even started making this website, we here at Sure Start and Made in Community, our website developers, sat down and asked ourselves what we would really like in a new website for Sure Start Palfrey Children’s Centre.

But most importantly we asked our service users and partner agencies what they wanted.

We got lots of comments and advice about what people liked and also what people did not like.  The ideas, comments and thoughts that we received were fantastic and massively helped us in how we went about developing this website.
From all the feedback we received, two points stood out:-

Better navigation so information can easily be found on the website.

What’s On
A What’s On page that had lots of detail about different activities and events that Sure Start runs, the time they ran and in particular, clearer information about were the different locations where.

So know we knew what was wanted, Made in Community went ahead and developed the website.  They showed us a demonstration of the website, we loved it.  But before all was done, they insisted that parents came into our centre and have a look themselves.  They told us that they wanted to carry out  ‘usability tests’.

Basically, this means getting our parents, the people who are going to use this website, to say what they thought about  it, what could be improved and also be observed using the website.  This was done to fine tune the website, make any changes that were highlighted and make sure we had not made any howlers!  By the way, if you do spot any, then please do tell us so we can change them.

All of us here at Sure Start Palfrey and Chuckery & Paddock Children’s Centre have been really impressed by Made in Community’s application and enthusiasm in making this website.  If you would like to know more about them, then you can either go to their website, or download their brochure Made in Community Brochure.