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Welcome to the Sure Start Palfrey Children's Centre website!!!

Centre Manager

I hope that you will find the site useful and informative. It is intended to showcase all the activities and services on offer for families with under 5s living in Palfrey, Delves, Caldmore and also Chuckery, Paddock & Park Hall areas. 

Children’s Centres represent a unique resource for children and families where services and activities can be accessed and contacts made.  Children’s Centres have become part of the fabric of the local community and I’m sure our service users would agree with me that it would be a retrograde step if  the commitment to and the budget for Children’s Centres were in anyway decimated as part of any proposed public spending cuts.

Spending public money places a very clear and important responsibility on the shoulders of all staff so the evaluation of all activities is a key part of the work of the team. I take considerable encouragement from the feedback  from our service users, which continually highlights that they are not only satisfied with what’s on offer, but also the difference  services have made to their lives.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced and provide the connection for families to services they wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. They act as conduits by funneling families to services and services to families. This is because families prefer to access or be introduced to a service by someone they know and trust. This expectation is met because staff  have a very high personal engagement with families they work with and treat each family as unique. In doing so staff have gained an in depth knowledge of families in our community. They also give families a positive perspective on the outside world and provide families with experiences outside their normal daily routines.

I would like to thank the Board for the help and support over the years, our partners who we work with in attempting to provide an integrated service to families and the staff team for their efforts over the years.


Mick Davies

Programme Manager

Sure Start Palfrey Children’s Centre