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Our Approach

What is our approach to Early Learning opportunities?

We believe that involving parents in their children’s play activities is crucial for their children’s early learning and development.

Whilst, having children can be one of the most rewarding periods in parents’ lives; it can also be a stressful time when there are additional worries such as money or housing problems (Beckley, 2012). The Children’s Centre is a place for parents to share any concerns so that appropriate support can be given, or sought from other agencies.

We encourage regular attendance of chosen groups so that children can build on their previous play experiences with other children and adults, to extend their learning and development, and parents can take to do with their children at home.

Observations of children’s play, inform us of their interests and what they can do. We learn from children as they do from adults and other children. It is our role to involve them; support their learning and development, to reach their full potential, in partnership with parents and carers. The EYFS framework is used as a guide to plan appropriate activities according to children’s needs and stages of development.

What do we do to promote Early Learning?

In order to improve educational attainment, we need to understand how young children learn and provide opportunities to support their individual needs. We set out a range of activities in readiness to welcome children and parents/carers on arrival. This offers the opportunity for children to choose an area of interest for play. We do this because we may have different children attending; although we know what to set out for regular attendees. However, low level storage provides the opportunity for children to access other toys of their choice; sometimes with the help of an adult.

We provide a range of activities which are advertised in our monthly leaflet and available at partner venues; on the website, or by e-mail. The choice is yours and include:

  • Parent and Toddler Groups
  • Time for Play (sessions for physical exercise)
  • PEEP groups (relevant to specific ages/stages of learning and development)
  • Holiday Activities (when schools are closed)
  • Trips
  • Baby Yoga 
  • Baby Massage
  • Activities to do at home


This is not an exhaustive list however  – there is something for everyone!!!  Visit the What’s On page to see the full listing.



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