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Early Education / Daycare

Palfrey Day Nursery

Palfrey Day Nursery is a fully refurbished facility situated in Palfrey Community Association (Milton Street).

Early Education / Daycare

Our off site daycare setting, Palfrey Day Nursery is a fully refurbished facility situated in Palfrey Community Association.

Opening Hours 
We are open from 8.00a.m to 6.00p.m. Monday to Friday, closing for Bank Holidays and one week between Christmas and New Year.

Our aim
We aim to work in partnership with parents to provide a high quality service, which is affordable and accessible and which celebrates diversity. We aim to provide the very best in quality childcare in a professional but friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Our qualified staff have been carefully selected and we will offer extensive continual training to enhance their professional development. We welcome the opportunity to care for children with special needs.

Quality Services
We will use the Birth to Three Matters Framework to support the development of children from 0-3 years of age and the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage to support the learning of children aged 3-5 years.

Ofsted, the regulating authority, will inspect the facility and measure our Nursery service against the outcomes of the Every Child Matters policy, taking into consideration the National Standards for Full Day Care and the developmental and learning needs of the children.

A key person system will be operated in each room to develop a close relationship between each child and their allocated member of staff who will provide reassurance and security, through knowing the child’s needs. There are three rooms:

The Baby Room

This room is designed to provide for our youngest children in the Nursery, for babies 3 months to 2 years, with its own kitchen, bathroom and access to the outside play area. The room is divided to provide quiet and more active play opportunities.

Staff will follow the individual routines of the babies. Toys and equipment will provide the opportunity for developmentally appropriate play, supported by the interaction of staff.

A daily diary will be kept on each baby as a record of their day. Babies will be gradually introduced to the room for 2 year olds in accordance with their development needs to ease their progression to the next stage.

The 2 Year Old Room

This room provide a range of play opportunities to support children’s individual needs, with access to the outside play area. Potty training may occur at this stage and the bathroom is easily accessed. Again the nursery routine will be flexible to reflect children’s individual needs and some children may still need to rest or sleep during the day.

The Pre-School Room

This room, with bathroom, provides learning opportunities through play to prepare our older children of 3 years plus, for school. The curriculum will cover the 6 areas of learning.

A leaflet detailing up to date costs is available from the Day Nursery. Call 01922 649716 or email palfreycommunity@yahoo.co.uk