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Early Learning

Why is Early Learning important?

‘Children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s experiences between birth and age 5 have a major impact on their future life chances’ (Department for Education, 2012).

Early Learning

Children learn from their families, friends, and communities; the languages spoken, and cultures experienced. Learning is a social activity, and young children gain understanding of their world through every day routines and activities. A range of Children’s Centre activities are accessible in Palfrey, Delves, Caldmore, Chuckery and Park Hall, at various venues; and delivered by Children’s Centre staff who are qualified in working with young children.

Staff members plan activities to support young children’s learning and development, which provide a range of experiences and challenges.

By regularly attending sessions,

children will gain confidence by :-

  • becoming familiar with the environment,
  • meeting and playing with other children and adults,
  • participating in social activities such as snack, story and singing times, and learn behaviour boundaries.


parents will gain confidence by :-

  • by making friends with other parents,
  • gaining ideas to do at home with their young children.