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Healthy Start

We are a local retailer for Healthy Start vouchers

Additional details can be obtained from the Healthy Start website

This scheme aims to engage with parents from early pregnancy to ensure that they are provided with the right information on healthy eating and the use of vitamin drops containing vitamins A, C, and D from aged 6 months until the child’s first birthday. This is also an opportunity to discuss with a member of the Health and Family Support issues ranging from breastfeeding, weaning to giving up smoking and alcohol consumptions.

Healthy Start booklets and application forms can be obtained from our reception desk. Staff also offer assistance in completing the forms, if required.   To find out if you qualify visit the Healthy Start website   

Across our Centers  we deliver the Eat Better,  Start Better programme in a variety of settings, for example, we are supported by our local schools to run these sessions. Parents are welcome to take part, these sessions give families ideas on making parents aware on how early obesity can occur and  staff will demonstrate how easy it is to reduce the amount of sugar and fat within our daily diet.  The sessions are run throughout the year using trained staff to deliver the sessions.

For more information getting onto the course and healthy food recipes visit or telephone our Centre on 01922 642382.


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