Antenatal Parent Education «
Antenatal Parent Education «

Antenatal Parent Education

Preparing for Birth and Beyond

FREE weekly classes for first time parents to be...

Here’s a breakdown of what’s  covered in these FREE weekly antenatal classes delivered at Sure Start Palfrey Children’s Centre (accessible through booking only)

  • Labour and birth
  • Signs of labour and what to do
  • Active labour positions
  • Role of hormones in labour and birth
  • Relaxation Techniques – breathing and massage
  • Looking after Yourself – mental and physical health
  • Baby’s Brain Development
  • Coping with Pain – options and choices such as water, TENS, Gas and Air, Pethidine and Epidurals
  • Third Stage of Labour
  • Caesarean Sections
  • Practical Baby Care – Putting the Baby to bed safely, nappy changing and bathing
  • Skin to skin contact
  • Breastfeeding

Soon to be Dad says there is “loads that we Dad’s can learn.”

“It’s not just a ladies thing, it’s got to do with the partners as well.”
“If I hadn’t come to the classes I wouldn’t really, really know what she’s going through… but now, every step of the way, I’m really, really going to be active.”
“…reading things on the internet, reading books, wouldn’t really be compared to being physically in the classes…and it has really done a lot for I and my wife.”

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