Saturday Family Fun Session «
Saturday Family Fun Session «

Saturday Family Fun Session

Children's Centres are for Dads Too...

If you find it inconvenient to access Sure Start activities during weekdays, our Saturday Family Fun Session may be just the thing for you...!!!

Saturday Family Fun Session

The  Saturday Family Fun Session is very popular with our male service users and runs regularly at Sure Start Palfrey Children’s Centre.

The sessions give families an opportunity to spend quality time together and make new friends.  There’s lots fun themed activities including:

  • Design Your T-Shirt
  • Make A Model Car
  • Father’s / Mother’s Day Celebrations
  • Grow Your Own Flowers
  • Cricket Competitions
  • Make Your Own Photo Frame
  • Kite Making
  • X Box 360!!!

… and lots, lots more!

Dads are welcome to ALL OUR ACTIVITIES, not just the weekend Saturday Family Fun Session.  To find out details  of the other activities, visit the What’s On page.

Having Fun Together

“It’s a Saturday we always look forward to.”

“It’s a great way for the kids to have fun and play with all the games and activities that are on here at Sure Start Palfrey.”

“But also, most of all, it’s an opportunity for me, as a Dad, to get time to play and engage with my son.”

Love coming to Saturday Family Fun Session

Playing together is so much fun for Joseph & Kaily